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Whether medical devices, household products or foodstuffs - our cloud-based software enables the seamless and compliant exchange of item master data and digital assets around the globe , between manufacturer, retailer and regulatory authority. Secure, valid and efficient.

Solutions for the retail trade

Solutions for medical devices

PIM: More success in retail!

Do you want to professionalize your product information management and increase its digital orientation? Our team of experts with many years of experience advises and supports you in the selection and implementation of a PIM solution that is right for you.

Solutions for every industry

Whether Food and Near-Food medical products, DIY or food service - we offer software solutions with comprehensive services for almost every industry.

more than 2,800 manufacturers
over 4.2 million products

Medical Devices - Healthcare

Send validated and legally compliant UDI- and product data flexibly to health authorities (EUDAMED, FDA, NHS etc.) and commercial partners - as a GPO or health facility you can receive and check them just as quickly and easily.

more than 1,500 customers
over 1 million medical products

More than 20,000 users from trade and industry in over 50 countries.

Our solutions

You would like to increase your conversion rate significantly? Then let us bring out the best and most valuable in your product content. With atrify's solutions you can exchange reliable, relevant and exploitable product content across all channels and locations.

Receive content

Receive product content in the GDSN standard via web browser

Send Content

Share your product content worldwide in GDSN standard - simply via web browser

M2M Connection

Your automated M2M connection to the worldwide exchange of product content - directly to your business solution

Digital Asset Management

Manage, find and share your digital media (digital assets) seamlessly with our all-in-one solution

Receive Content

Receive product content in the GDSN standard via web browser

Send content

Share your product content worldwide in GDSN standard - simply via web browser

M2M Connection

Your automated M2M connection to the worldwide exchange of product content - directly to your business solution

Digital Asset Management

Manage, find and share your digital media (digital assets) seamlessly with our all-in-one solution

You need further information?

You need more information?

Our team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about our products and services.

Software, services and consulting from a single source

In addition to cloud-based software with optional digital asset management we offer much more to prepare your company for the digital transformation. Our portfolio ranges from the strategic analysis of your product content to the Selection and implementation of a suitable Product Information Management to the Capturing of your product master data.

Advisory Service

Strategic Alignment
Are you facing the challenges in managing product content internally and for your customers? We help you developing sustainable strategies (thought leadership) and identifying quick wins.
Product Content Strategy
Your product content management processes are complex, volatile and error-prone? We help you with designing and implementing sustainable processes.
Data Quality
Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your product content? We analyse your processes to identify possible causes and present you options for optimisation

PIM Services

PIM Selection
Are you looking for a suitable PIM solution to correctly capture, manage and distribute your product content? We help you to choose the right system for your needs.
PIM Implementation
You have found a product information management solution suitable for your product content and are faced with the challenge of integrating the new application into your systems. We are glad to support you in the implementation of your PIM solution.

Solutions Services

Implementation Services
You want to syndicate your product content and use our solutions for it? Whether you choose our web-based application or machine-to-machine, we implement your solution quickly and efficiently.
Education Services & Trainings
Do you use our solutions to meet the challenges of product content syndication as efficiently as possible? In our Academy, our experts impart the necessary know-how in the use of all relevant tools from our portfolio.. We also offer Individual training as a group or one-on-one - You determine the timing and content.
Mapping Solutions
You have your product content available in a structured export, but not completely or in the required standard format? We transform your product content and make it available for you in our systems.
Testing Service for Medical Devices
Before the data of your medical devices are transmitted to the health authority, we will of course support you in the execution of test scenarios.

Premium Extended Services

Attribute Analysis for Medical Devices
Firstwe analyse your data structure and compare it with the requirements of the regulatory authority. This results in a data dictionary that forms the basis for further steps of registration.
Digital onboarding service for data recipients
Getting your suppliers to join the data exchange can be a challenging task. With our free Digital Onboarding Service, you can reach out to your suppliers and convince them of all the benefits.
Data Capture Service
Whether in daily business or due to holiday periods and sickness absences - the topic of data entry is a major challenge for many companies. Our Experts from the data entry service are happy to take over the entire process. for you: long-term & reliable.
Service Plans
Would you like to benefit from our know-how in the long term and receive ongoing support from experts in your sector? Our service plans offer you the greatest possible flexibility and many services are "on board" as a standard flat rate. This ensures the smooth registration of your products and the regular maintenance of your product content at all times.

atrify connects: We make you fit for omnichannel!

Our atrify connects Online Sessions for the second quarter of 2023 are online: Take a look at what we have to offer. Take your product content to the next level with our proven methods and our team's valuable industry insights! Of course, the sessions are free of charge!

You want your product in the supermarket?

We'll show you how it's done. Grab our free eBook today with helpful tips & a checklist that will help you master the rocky road from initial contact to product listing with flying colours. With us, you bring your product onto the big stage: into the supermarket.

Get ready for Class I registration in GUDID FDA!

December 08, 2022 is approaching and so is the GUDID deadline for Class I medical device registration. Our free eBook helps you to optimize your product content in time.

Do you want your product in the food trade?

Then test our atrify publishing now and send your product information to all trade partners relevant to you!

EUDAMED is live. And you?

Get our limited Early Bird offer today for UDI Manager, our browser-based application for manufacturers to create and manage EUDAMED device data and track initial EUDAMED registration status!

Challenges for manufacturers and dealers

Product content management is a complex topic. We at atrify know that too, which is why we are very happy to answer questions. We are there to support you with our know-how.

How do I transfer my product data to the trade?

Enter your product content and digital assets (e.g. product images, safety data sheets, certificates etc.) easily in our browser interface or upload them automatically from your ERP or PIM system and publish your product content to all leading retailers at the push of a button - all globally compatible in the GDSN standard.

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How do I transfer images to my trading partners?

Simply send your digital assets, such as product images, safety data sheets, certificates, etc., to retailers or other partners such as marketing agencies. Our solution allows you to easily upload, host, manage and share your assets online, or to link them directly to your item information. This will help you maintain brand integrity and effectively promote online conversion.

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I need assistance in entering my data.

Whether you want to create new content or update existing content, we can process your product content from various sources (PDF, Excel, paper, web page, Word, etc). Choose which attributes should be enriched or captured and we provide them in the desired format or publish them directly into the GDSN for you.

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How do I meet the requirements of EUDAMED and other UDI databases, as well as those of my trading partners in the healthcare sector?

Our Healthcare solution was specially developed to Unique Device Identification Data (UDI) in health authority databases such as EUDAMED or FDA GUDID to publish and manage. At the same time, our solution includes all the necessary commercial data that is important to trading partners, such as hospitals, clinics, NHS and buying groups. This allows medical device manufacturers to easily disseminate validated and reliable UDI data, as well as commercial data, according to different regional requirements.

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How do I optimize my internal processes for data aggregation?

We have two approaches to optimize your internal processes for data aggregation. Based on your needs and requirements, we will decide which solution will best solve your problem.

Option I: A full PIM (Product Information Management) is an advanced method for managing, aggregating and distributing data and information across departments and channels.

Option II: A data mapping solution where product content is automatically collected, unified and validated online and then imported into our solution. The data mapping solution meets the most pressing needs of brand owners to unify specific data streams - quickly, validated, cost-effective!

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I have specific questions regarding the GDSN, profiles, etc.

Whether you have specific questions about system usage or general information about the GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network) or profiles - our experts can help you in personal and on you coordinated trainings and if you don't find what you are looking for, we also offer individual training and workshops. Have a look in our store and book the appropriate training.

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