Are you ready for digital transformation?

5 Jul 2023

Complete and consistent product information is essential for strategic and effective brand management and successful content marketing in the omni-channel. This requires an optimal orchestration of data, systems and processes. But what about your data, systems and processes? Is your company ready for the digital transformation?

To determine the maturity of your data management, atrify offers a special service: the Maturity Scorecard. And here you can find out what this exactly means.


  1. What does product content include?
  2. What are the specific challenges in data management?
  3. What can the Maturity Scorecard achieve?

Product Information - a growth-critical instrument for Marketing & Sales

Product images, nutritional values, information about origin and production - consumers are increasingly demanding more information. If there's a lack of information, purchase cancellations are inevitable. In the worst case, the consumer will switch to yout competitor. And at the latest when products have to be transported from A to B, logistical data such as packaging unit, size and weight are required. Without this information, the ability to operate global supply chains efficiently is nearly impossible.

Product Content

Access to trusted data and images...

... the ability to run global supply chains efficiently is severely compromised.

... the E-Commerce is at risk and the implementation of omni-channel strategies becomes impossible.

... reputation and the safety of our customers are at stake. 

... consumers* cannot trust our brands or our products and services.

The requirements for data, systems and processes are becoming more complex.

The requirements on your data management are thus becoming increasingly complex: product information must be valid and, above all, complete and contain many other details among images, dimensions and weight.

But who is responsible for the data  capturing and making it available?

Where and how is your data stored and updated?

How is this data merged in a meaningful and efficient way so that it can be provided to different platforms and data recipients as needed?

confused employee

Product information, marketing and sales data are used everywhere in the company - and in other departements and issues they are urgently needed. The holistic integration of all data at a central point is often missingIn this case the introduction of a suitable software seems to be the ultimate solution. But before setting-up a new software, comprehensive considerations and analyses are mandatory in the company before it comes to the optimization and finally the implementation process. 

It is crucial to involve all stakeholders in the discussions at an early stage. And this definitely does not only include employees of your "master data department".

Otherwise, unwanted surprises are on the horizont. Many problems and pain points from other departments may remain unrecognized and you will fall into the classic technology trap.

Risks of the technology trap

The software does not work.


Stakeholders cannot work with the software.


The data structure and format is unusable for the recipients.


The sustainable added value of a software is decided in the implementation phase.

Implementation therefore does not lead to the desired result. It requires optimal change management, and any successful every successful digital transformation is preceded by a comprehensive analysis of the status quo. This analysis phase poses special challenges for your company, as different dimensions must be illuminated across functions, departments, and processes.

Want to learn what a status quo analysis might look like in your organization? Then read on 🙂

Harmonize all silos, systems and processes.

To determine the maturity level of your company in process and master data management, we use the Maturity Model. This maturity model was developed under the leadership of TM Forum and Detecon. The atrify Maturity Scorecard consists of a total of six dimensions and up to three additional subcategories around strategically important topics.

The goals of the Maturity Scorecard are

  • a systematic and objective recording of the actual state,
  • the identification of strengths and weaknesses and of potential, as well as
  • the ongoing documentation of further development, in consideration ofexternal factors (benchmark analysis).

In order to map the data management process of a company in a complete and representative way, these dimensions are subdivided into further subcategories. To evaluate these dimensions, we draw on your company data and answer a comprehensive catalog of questions with you and your stakeholders*. Due to the different dimensions, the questions are addressed to different stakeholders* in your company: They can be answered by employees* of the management as well as by different stakeholders* of different departments and hierarchy levels. Who in your company is responsible for answering each question is defined in advance. This is the only way that the survey can be followed up by a weighting of the dimensions that is appropriate for your company and that the maturity level can be viewed and evaluated in the overarching context.

Proposal for a roadmap

Prioritization the first implementation results

1. discovery

Definition and prioritization of challenges

3. centralization

Providing product information and digital media

5. Sending data

Automated data exchange with retail via GDSN or other channels

2. data model

Analysis and definition of requirements for content, sources, owner

4. processes

Efficient cooperation between the departments involved

6. data import

Automated data exchange with ERP system

We accompany you on your digital journey!
Of course, we don't leave you alone after scoring. Together with you and your stakeholders we discuss the results and develop all further steps for a digital roadmap. Only together can you get the best out of your master data and processes out of your master data and processes.

The Maturity Report paves the way for your digital transformation.

Our conclusion: Before you think about introducing software, you should definitely check the maturity of your internal processes, otherwise you may fall into a technology trap. With the help of the Maturity Scorecard, we pave the way for a successful software implementation for you. Would you like to tackle this topic in your company? Then simply send me an e-mail at 

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Team atrify

Team atrify

Team atrify is all of us at atrify. We understand the problems manufacturers face in data management. Data optimization and internal system integration are our core competencies. We advise and implement the requirements for both commercial and regulatory use of the data in a system.

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