Efficient FDA registration. Valid, safe and compliant.

Register your UDI data in GUDID (FDA) easily with our UDI Solution: use an automated M2M connection, upload your data via Excel upload or enter the data manually via the intuitive user interface.

atrify UDI Manager Screen

Your FDA GUDID registration

Register your UDI data in three easy steps

1. identify the attributes required by the FDA

2. create your product in the atrify UDI Solution

    • Manual data entry in the web browser
    • Excel upload with our template
    • Automated M2M connection (API)

3. valid, secure and efficient data transmission to GUDID

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Always one step ahead

With the atrify UDI solution, your company can provide and validate product content for medical devices before the next deadline. This gives you more time to focus on your products and customers.

GUDID deadlines for the registration of medical devices

  • 08 December 2022 - Class I and unclassified medical devices*.
  • September 2016 - Class II a
  • September 2015 - Class II b
  • September 2014 - Class III

*47% of all medical devices fall under this category

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