The UDI Manager from atrify

The optimal solution for your medical devices

from €299.00

excl. 19% VAT p.a.

  • Manage 1-200 UDIs
  • Annual license
  • Incl. free e-book "EUDAMED - Why and how to use it already now!"

from 299,00€ excl. VAT p.a.


The UDI Manager

is a web-based application for the management and registration of medical devices in the EUDAMED database. No software installation is required.



Manage 1-200 UDI's

1 user
Annual licence

You want to register more than 200 UDIs? Request a free consultation request!


Search and find

  • Simple search for UDIs and attributes
  • Display of detailed product information and live registration status
  • All UDIs assigned to a BASIC UDI can be called with one click

Flexible data enrichment

  • Manual data entry
  • Excel Bulk Upload
  • Intelligent assistant supports with helpful tips

Standardised validation processes

  • Data accuracy
  • Data Quality
  • EUDAMED conformity

Live registration status

  • Hit list shows all created products
  • Traffic light system signals registration status
  • Automatic e-mail notification of important status updates


Who is atrify?
atrify is the leading provider of product content solutions in healthcare. We enable more than 20,000 users in over 50 countries to exchange accurate and reliable content with UDI databases (such as EUDAMED or GUDID) as well as commercial trading partners and end users such as physicians, nurses or patients. With complementary expert services, atrify offers a holistic solution portfolio for transparency, regulatory compliance and cross-channel commerce.
How much does a UDI Manager license cost at atrify?
The cost for a license depends on the number of Unique Device Identifiers (UDIs) you want to register.
For a detailed personal consultation, please contact us directly here.
Do I need prior knowledge to use the system?
Basically not. You work with a user-friendly and web-based interface that you can operate intuitively. To get you up and running with UDI Manager right away, we have our Quickstart Guide with all the basics. If you ever want to gain more in-depth system knowledge, we have individual 1:1 Q&A sessions that you can book in our store.
Do I need special software to use it?
No, the atrify UDI Manager is offered as so-called Software as a Service (SaaS). All you need is Internet access and an Internet browser (preferably Firefox or Chrome).
How can I signup with atrify?
If you would like to register 1-200 UDIs in EUDAMED, you can complete the license for the UDI Manager online. If you would like to manage more than 200 UDIs, please contact us. This way we can work out an individual offer together with you: Contact or use our website chat for your questions.
What are the general terms and conditions?
How long does the contract run?
The minimum contract period for UDI Manager is one year and is automatically renewed for an additional 12 months at a time unless notice is given 60 days prior to the end of the respective contract year.
What payment intervals are offered?
If you choose one of our online offers, you pay the license annually in advance.
Which payment methods are offered?
If you find what you are looking for in our atrify store, you can pay by invoice.

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