1WorldSync GmbH becomes atrify

by Jul 10, 2019

Effective today, GS1 Germany, with the backing of its shareholders, has acquired 100 percent of 1WorldSync GmbH, making GS1 Germany the sole shareholder. From now on 1WorldSync GmbH will operate under the name atrify GmbH.

Initially, nothing will change for you except our name. In due course, however, you will benefit from extensive investments made into our core products, as well as from exciting, new, innovative products. We will keep you updated on these developments in the coming weeks.

The background for this change is based on the shareholders’ belief that the continued success of 1WorldSync will require a more agile structure that promotes innovation and allows business decisions to be made quickly. The vision is for 1WorldSync and atrify GmbH to each scale and take advantage of new promising opportunities at the pace and speed that industry and consumers demand.

GS1 US and GS1 Germany remain committed to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). While GS1 US is divesting their ownership in 1WorldSync, they will continue to support all GDSN data pools as part of their solution provider and community engagement efforts in the US.

As part of atrify’s strategic reorientation, we will start to invest right away. The current solution portfolio for product content management will be significantly extended with additional demand-driven solutions.
atrify is investing to intensify the expansion of its existing core business and to offer additional, innovative solutions in the area of product content management. Therefore, atrify will develop new business areas and develop innovative services for new industries, needing to adapt their business models due to digitization and those who want to exploit new development opportunities. For this purpose, atrify will address completely new use cases to resolve relevant customer problems. In the future, these will become a main pillar of our business and sustainably complement our successful core business.

Thus, atrify GmbH is well positioned for the future and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with you!