Release 19.09 – Preliminary – Release Notes Publishing and Approval

by Sep 3, 2019Preliminary Release Notes

Release 19.09 is a small functional release, which brings some improvements in scope of usability and provides a couple of bugfixes.


New atrify branding

As you probably have been read in our announcement ( 1WorldSync has become atrify. Release 19.09 will bring a fresh new interface layout to all of our german and most of our generic GDSN users, which reflects the new logos and colours.


Changes in hierarchy widget

The hierarchy widget will now provide some more information on the types of components of a hierarchy. You now can see with a first look, on what levels you have what types of hierarchy components (e.g. BASE, CASE, PALLET, INNER packs, etc).


Hiding of task management possible

We’ve had the feedback of some suppliers, that they don’t want to use the task management including the red notification bubbles as it doesn’t matches their personal way of working with the system. From now on there is a possibility to hide the top level menu item “Tasks” completely. If you want to do so, please get in touch with our access management (