Receive product content via browser

With the help of the web-based application atrify approval atrify offers retailers, distributors and wholesalers one of the most comprehensive solutions for easily subscribing to, receiving, reviewing and forwarding product content from the worldwide GDSN into their systems via a browser.

Easy assurance of data quality

atrify approval offers a wide range of automated test methods to ensure reliable master data. In addition to automated test methods, the application offers individual validation options, with a direct interface to the data provider. If the data quality does not meet your requirements, articles, attributes and digital media attachments can be rejected and requested again in a standardized process.

Effective workflows

The convenient search and filter functions allow effective management of articles and packaging. Lists or individual articles can be exported as PDF article passport and Excel files or synchronized directly with your internal systems. For companies with M2M connection, the reliable management and checking of article master data is atrify approval a perfect complement to individual ERP systems. You atrify approval benefit in every respect from the wide range of services and standards of the GDSN.



Reliable validations of common standards and regulations such as EU LMIV as well as additional, optional validations

Individual selection of recipients e.g. according to target market or GLN-based

Native connection to one of the world's largest federation of GDSN data pools

Sharing of media content such as product images or documents such as safety data sheets

Export function of individual articles or article groups as Excel or PDF product passes

Extensive and saveable search profiles, e.g. by individual attributes, date, text, etc.

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