Release 19.08 – Final – FMCG D-A-CH

by Aug 10, 2019Final Release Notes, Release Notes

The D-A-CH Community August Release 19.8 mainly introduces new codes from the GDSN Efficient Code List Release 3.1.9. Beyond that it contains minor requirements and bug fixing. Please read the details below.


Deployment dates (TEST / PROD)

  • FMCG, DIY, AGRO, HEALTHCARE – 29th July 2019 / 10th August 2019
  • GS1 Sync Austria10th August 2019 / 10th August 2019


Important Information – for Data Recipients

  • The release contains changes for all D-A-CH Community profiles.
  • A Reload of already received data is NOT necessary after the release.
  • Changes to your interfaces are not necessary. The interface description V19.6 remains current. We recommend you check whether changes to your mapping and take over into your internal systems are necessary to keep code processing complete and accurate after the release.


Important Information – for Data Supplier

  •  The release contains changes for all D-A-CH Community profiles.
  • All data in the data pool remain valid – a migration of already sent data is NOT required.
  • Changes to your Interfaces are not necessary. The Interface Description V19.6 remains. If you want to use the new codes, we recommend all machine-to-machine / M2M suppliers to check whether changes to your internal system and the mapping is necessary to keep processing complete and accurate codes. As a Publishing / Web UI user you can maintain the new additional codes right after the deployment dates (see above).


Release Details

Changes and impovements on the DQG Standards 2.0 – 2.8.
Changes due to the GDSN BMS 3.1.8 Release


M-NumberAttributeExplanationCommunity Profile
M029Allergen type code37 new codes and 1 code name changeFMCG CH & DE
M3006Additional trade item classification system code1 new codeHC DE
M233Additional trade item identification type1 new codeFMCG CH & DE, DIY DE, HC DE
M377Communication channel code1 new codeFMCG AT & CH & DE, AT B2C
M034Diet related information: Diet type code6 new codes
NOTE: These codes are added to the documentation but will only be available with the September Release
M125Catch area20 code name changes and
2 code deletions
M228Handling instructions code1 new codeFMCG AT & CH & DE, DIY DE, HC DE
M3027 & M3020Measurement units / UOM: code7 new codesHC DE
M079Nutritional claim nutrient element code7 new codesFMCG AT & CH & DE, AT B2C
M309Packaging marked label accreditation code47 new codesFMCG AT & CH & DE, AT B2C, DIY DE
M379Referenced File type code1 new code and 1 code name changeAll D-A-CH profiles (FMCG AT & CH & DE, AT B2C, DIY DE,
M300Platform type code1 new codeFMCG AT & CH & DE, DIY DE, HC DE, AGRO DE
M250Regulation type code4 new codesFMCG AT & CH & DE
M341Season parameter code2 new codesFMCG CH & DE
M177Targeted consumption by12 new codesFMCG AT & CH & DE

Minor requirements and bug fixes (only FMCG DE, CH, AT & AT B2C)

  • FMCG – Organic origin [M160]: GPC dependency enhanced for fresh fruit & vegetables with a certificate for 100 % Organic (= 1) or in conversion to the organic standard (= 6) to all bricks of the GPC families:
    50250000             Fruits – Unprepared/Unprocessed (Fresh)
    50270000             Fruits – Unprepared/Unprocessed (Frozen)
    50310000             Fruits – Unprepared/Unprocessed (Shelf Stable)
    50100000             Fruits/Vegetables/Nuts/Seeds Prepared/Processed
    50350000             Leaf Vegetables – Unprepared/Unprocessed (Fresh)
    50290000             Vegetables – Unprepared/Unprocessed (Frozen)
    50320000             Vegetables – Unprepared/Unprocessed (Shelf Stable)
    50260000             Vegetables (Non Leaf) – Unprepared/Unprocessed (Fresh)
  • FMCG – Diet related information: Diet type subcode [M492]: Deletion of codes PESCA and LACTO_OVO_PESCA (are not vegetarian diets).
  • FMCG – Local packaging marked label accreditation code reference [M310]: Please be advised that we recommend not to use these 3 codes any longer as they will be deleted with a later release:
    CE – CE marking applied (Directive 93/68/EEC)
    COM – The Compostable Label
    ABF – Agriculture Biologique – FranceThe following codes in attribute Packaging marked label accreditation code [M309] are recommended to be used instead:
    -> CONFORMITE_EUROPEENNE (instead of CE)
  • Ticket CH – Diet related information: Diet type code [M034]: Attribute removed from rule 321170 so that Diet type code VEGETARIAN can be repeated to specify different Diet type subcodes [M492].
  • Ticket AT – Correction of rule 321371 which validates the mandatory attributes for GTIN coded pallets so that it checks also AT B2C items.
  • Ticket SDO – Cheese class [M137]: Added missing code SLICEDPREP and corrected typos in the code descriptions.
  • Ticket DE – Packaging marked label accreditation code [M309]: Correction of the code description for code
    PROTECTED_DESIGNATION_OF_ORIGIN (= PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN (for agricultural product or foodstuff)).