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The hard-fought way to the supermarket shelf

They stand next to each other, behind each other and often on top of each other. Be it the tinned food, the ketchup bottles or the shampoo shelf. How is a new product supposed to find a place here? And what options are there to secure a few centimetres of this hard-fought shelf space in retail?

No matter whether for young start-ups or existing brands: If you want to successfully gain a foothold in the food trade, you can't get around retail. 97% of sales are currently booked here. Thus, being listed with a large retail chain is both an accolade and a jackpot. But how do you get your product onto the shelf?

Tobias Drevenstedt

November 5, 2020

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Tobias Drevenstedt

Tobias Drevenstedt

Tobias has been working for atrify for 2 years as Corporate Marketing Manager. In this role, he is responsible for the branding of the company across all channels, analyzes & optimizes the atrify website non-stop and finally makes sure that the team-internal hoodies shine with maximum smoothness #atrifighters

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