Release 19.08 – Final – Publishing & Approval

by Aug 19, 2019Final Release Notes

Release 19.08 is a small functional release, which brings some improvements in scope of usability and provides support for BMS 3.1.9. Please find some details to this in the following lines:


BMS 3.1.9. Support

Release 19.08 will provide support for the Business Messaging Standard 3.1.9 in form of new or modified attributes and validations.


Usability Improvements

  • Code list columns in Publishing now only display the descriptive value, not the code anymore. This makes the hit lists more understandable and provides some more real estate.
  • Main toolbar buttons descriptions have been shortened, where applicable dropdowns have been provided, all in sense of providing more simplicity and a more clear overall design.
  • Advanced and Smart Search now also can be reached by simply clicking the big text area where the search expressions are visualized. No more need to aim on the small pencil button.
  • Confusing texts around the create button have been removed.


POC For ArtikelPass-Functionality

With Release 19.08 we’ve integrated an retailer spreadsheet generator functionality in form of a beta test.

Today many suppliers need to provide additional but also redundant information beside the GDSN channel by providing a retailer specific spreadsheet. This produces some overhead on the suppliers side.

atrify wants to establish a solution for this problem by providing a way to generate these spreadsheets in the exact format used by the retailers with a single click from the item hit list.

Starting with Release 19.08 a beta test will start with some selected suppliers. Target is to collect feedback on the current implementation to finally go live with this feature in fall 2019.