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The Foodservice industry knows how crucial transparency is for its customers.

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Trustworthy product content for the foodservice industry

In recent years, product content transparency has become a key component driving buyer behavior. Consumers have become increasingly active participants in product attribution and increasingly their purchasing selections on information that goes far beyond the standard product label. When it comes to food safety, this increased demand for additional product content is no longer a “nice to have” but actually a “need to have”.

That is why the increasingly comprehensive product content, especially on food safety, has long ceased to be an accessory. It's a must.

How our platform supports the foodservice industry

atrify provides the vehicle to aggregate accurate product content and digital assets for the foodservice industry. This serves to support the industry’s growing demand for product content and web-based catalogue capabilities in order to provide easy and reliable access to content – in a single platform. Our self enabled platform is focused on the quality and ease of use to help you provide or receive high-quality content in an efficient manner.

Our know-how for the food service industry

Manufacturers and retailers in the food service industry have good reasons to rely on atrify:

Many years of experience with manufacturers and retailers in the foodservice industry

Single source of truth

Improved content quality

Compliance with Regulation (EU) 1169/2011

Going beyond the label: communicating more in-depth product content

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