"The digital staging of products is a key success factor in omnichannel. Without images, the customer sees nothing!"

Thomas Fell, CEO GS1 Germany (Markenartikel Magazin, 22.07.22)

February 2023: New GS1 Germany image standard comes into force

No picture, no new installation!

Since February 2023, the provision of a product mapping for the German GDSN® target market is mandatory . At least one product mapping must be available per consumer unit for each new installation.


A record without an image can no longer be published to your trading partners. Here you can learn how you as an atrify customer:can comply with the new requirements of the GS1 Germany and provide your provide your trading partners with the desired image material..

The 1×1 of the GS1 image standard

What exactly will be mandatory as of February 2023?

As of February 2023, at least one product mapping for consumer units is mandatory for data exchange in the German target market. Special rules for foodservice products are also possible.

Can I provide product images only through a digital asset management solution?

No. There is still the possibility to provide images via URL in the attribute File: URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) [M378].

How big must the product image be?

The longer side must be at least 2,401 pixels at 300 ppi.
The GS1 Germany provides examples of correct product images for you to download here.

Which file format is required?

JPG becomes mandatory. For some dealers, TIFF is also desired. Please contact your retail partners directly for more information.

We already provide image URLs via dealer portals. Do I have to adapt the existing images to the "new" standard?

The standard regarding the nature of an image was changed with Version 5.1 of the GS1 Germany Application Recommendation "Product Images and Media Assets". has been updated. However, it is not technically checked. This process will start with the November release on 11/19/2022. However, the technical check will not be performed retroactively for existing product illustrations.

Does the product image have to have a clipping path?

Yes, the product image must be provided with exactly one clipping path. Preferably, the clipping path should be created manually and identified by name (e.g. path 1). In addition, the clipping path must be closed and enclose the entire product.

In our guide " The golden rules for good product illustrations" you will find more detailed information on this topic. 

Will the GS1 standard for file naming "filename" be introduced?

Yes, the file name of an image should follow the syntax of the GS1- standard: GTIN_Bildkategorie_Version_Variante Beispiel: 04000001022397_C1C1_s01_v01.

For detailed information, please refer to the GS1 Germany application recommendation "Product Images and Media Assets".

Will there be a transition period for providing product images?

A warning that a product mapping is missing was already implemented in March 2021. The transition phase ends in February 2023.

Is the attribute "File: Name" the file extension (.jpg) is also included?

No. The extension is not part of the name.

May "File: Name" differ from the file stored in the URL?

No, it must be the same name.

Image standard 2023: short & compact

Our guide provides an overview of all required specifications and is intended to make it easier to get started with the new GS1 image standard. In addition, GS1 Germany provides an application recommendation "Product Images and Media Assets" for download. (Version 5.1). This and further information can be found on the website of the GS1 Germany.

GS1 Image Standard 2023

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