Web-based application for suppliers

up to 10 products

Publish to 1 country via GDSN

1 user

Annual license

Payment annually in advance

Basic atrify publishing annual license

Web-based application for suppliers - Product information can be published using the GDSN standard.

Select 1 country from our country list and publish your articles to the data recipients of your choice.

Up to 10 articles, measured by the number of base items, can be published.

1 user.

1 year minimum contract period with automatic renewal for a further 12 months in each case, if not cancelled 60 days before the end of the respective contract year
Payment annually in advance.

When using one or more dealer portals, the data transfer from the portals to the data pool is free of charge.


You do not have a GLN yet? You can get one here from our colleagues in the GS1 Germany.

A target market is included in your package. Please select your desired target market here.

You provide us with your product information, e.g. as an Excel file or PDF article passport, and we record your data in atrify publishing in compliance with the rules.
If you already use our data entry service, there will be no changes for you.

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