Release 6.12 - Final - Release Notes for the D-A-CH Community

by Dec 12, 2018release notes

The installation takes place at the following times (TEST / PROD)

FMCG, DIY, AGRO, HEALTHCARE 30 November 2018 16.30 CET/ 12 December 19.00 CET

GS1 Sync Austria 12 December 7 pm CET / 12 December 7 pm CET


Important information - for data collectors

  • The release contains changes for all D-A-CH target market profiles
  • A reload of already received data is NOT necessary after the release
  • We recommend that you implement all changes of the release in your interfaces and internal systems as well, in order to maintain complete and correct data records in the future.
  • The XML interface description for the D-A-CH Community is available in the Download Center.


Important information – for data suppliers

  • The release contains changes for all D-A-CH target market profiles
  • All set data in the master data pool remain valid - a migration of already set data is NOT necessary.
  • If you deliver your data machine-to-machine (M2M), we recommend that you check the XML Release Notes in the XML Interface Description for the D-A-CH Community to see if and which changes need to be made in your interfaces and internal systems in order to be able to deliver complete and correct data in the future. This concerns in particular data adjusters for FMCG DE and DIY DEif you want to communicate the registration number Packaging Register [M487] to the trade / data recipient (see details below).


Release contents in detail

Changes and reactivation of Data Quality Gate (DQG) rules from the DQG Standards 2.0 - 2.6 (only DE)

Release 6.12 implements changes and improvements to already implemented rules from the DQG Standards 2.0 - 2.6. Temporarily deactivated rules will be reactivated.

All DQG rules are documented in the Profiles Overview. The tab "DE_AT_CH Community Validations" has been updated with the Go live of the release and now also contains all changed and reactivated DQG rules of this release. The updated Profiles Overview is available for download with the Go Live at the end of week 50.


New attribute

Registration number Packaging register [M487] (for FMCG DE and DIY DE)

From 01.01.2019 onwards, manufacturers of packaging subject to the obligation to participate in the system are obliged under § 9 VerpackG to register such packaging with the central packaging register office before putting it into circulation. For this purpose, the central office provides an electronic data processing system on its website with LUCID.

After successful completion of the registration, the manufacturer receives a 15-digit registration number from the central office.

The new attribute Registration Number Packaging Register [M487] enables the supplier to communicate his registration number to the trade / data recipient.

Tip: If you have a temporary registration number (ending in -V), then enter only the actual 15-digit registration number and omit the ending (-V).


Requirements and changes with Release 6.12

Legal product category [M250] (FMCG DE & CH)
New code FOOD_INFORMATION_REGULATION is added to the restricted code list.

nutritional information: Value / Unit of measurement [M059] (FMCG DE, AT, CH & B2C AT)
Only grams (GRM) are permitted as the unit of measurement, as required by the LMIV.

Nutrition labelling: reference value / unit of measurement [M072] (FMCG DE, AT & B2C AT)
New validation. If nutritional information is provided per portion (1 PTN), portion size: Value / Unit of Measurement [M075] and/or portion size: Description / Language [M074] must also be provided.

Organic product: Country of origin - Agriculture [M163] (FMCG DE & AT)
New validation for the codes 097 - EUROPEAN UNION and NON_EU - COUNTRY NOT IN THE EUROPEAN UNION, which are not allowed for this product.


Resolved tickets (bug fixes)

The following reported D-A-CH Community Customizing Issues are planned for resolution with Release 6.12:

Ticket - Ticket Class of Medical Device [M486]: Implement Dependency on Legal Product Category [M250] (FMCG DE & CH)
Validation has been implemented only for FMCG AT and will now be extended so that the dependency applies to FMCG DE and CH.

Ticket - GHS P record code [M216] and its description / language [M214]: Correction of dependencies (FMCG DE, AT, DIY DE & AGRO DE)
The dependencies are described in the code list and in the change history in the Profiles Overview.

Ticket - minimum weight of the animals to be fed / unit of measurement [M442] and maximum weight of the animals to be fed / unit of measurement [M443]: Code MC - microgram must be removed from the code list (FMCG DE, AT & CH)

Ticket - Accreditation label on the packaging: Code [M309]: Spaces must be removed from codes (FMCG DE, AT, CH, B2C AT & DIY DE)
Some of the accreditation labels on the packaging codes introduced with BMS 3.1.7 (November Release 6.11) were specified by GDSN with spaces included by mistake. GDSN has announced a correction. The spaces will be removed from the codes. Details are described in the code list and in the change history in the Profiles Overview.

Ticket - Convenience level [%] [M033] erroneously visible on the UI for AT items
The Convenience level [%] [M033] attribute is not part of the AT target market profile and is no longer displayed.

Ticket TSE-1959 - Dangerous goods information: ADR tunnel restriction code [M195] allows codes not specified for the target market (FMCG DE, CH, DIY DE & AGRO DE)
Restriction of the code list to codes valid for the target market only.


Open tickets (Known Issues)

Ticket CR-1557 - GHS P record code [M216] and its description / language [M214]: Correction of dependencies (FMCG CH)

What do you have to do / is there a need for action?

Both as a web UI / publishing and as a machine-to-machine / M2M user, you need to take action if you want to make use of the new attribute and/or your articles are affected by the new or changed rules. Please check your articles and make appropriate corrections in time. A detailed list of all changes and further information can be found in our documentation in the Download Center on our website.