anybill declares war on the receipt obligation

11 Feb 2022

Stamps, digitised. The fitness studio's course schedule, digitised. Even the long shopping list for the upcoming family celebration can be created via app and shared with your loved one. Retailers are also increasingly looking for digital solutions to curb the excessive yet necessary paperwork.

This vision is shared by the start-up anybill. The founders Lea Frank, Tobias Gubo and Patrick Göttler have set themselves the task of digitising the unfortunately still difficult to degrade till receipts. Because the last purchase is not documented on recycled paper, but mainly on thermal paper. These little slips of paper are therefore not suitable for waste paper. So they go into the residual waste. Recycling: not an option. And since the obligation to issue receipts, even the baker around the corner has to issue a receipt.

"The annual receipt weight can be roughly put in relation to three times the weight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris."
(anybill, 06.02.20)


atrify & anybill: The shopping trip in detail on the digital receipt

anybill has developed a solution for retailers to reduce this mountain of paper by digitally handing consumers their shopping receipts in the future. Through the cooperation of atrify and anybill, digital receipts can be enriched and categorised with detailed product content. This makes information about shopping baskets and consumer behaviour easily accessible for both retailers and consumers.

Thesystem from anybill offers several modular interfaces: for example, to specific retailer and banking apps. Receiving the receipt is then very easy without an app and without registering via QR code.

We are very pleased to be working with anybill. Together we will enable consumers to shop more transparently using digital receipts - a sustainable step that will benefit everyone.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for interesting partners with whom we can jointly develop digital solutions for consumers, manufacturers and retailers. If you are also interested in a partnership, please feel free to contact us.

Team atrify

Team atrify

Team atrify is all of us at atrify. We understand the problems manufacturers face in data management. Data optimization and internal system integration are our core competencies. We advise and implement the requirements for both commercial and regulatory use of the data in a system.

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