SPRK.global & atrify - with intelligent data management against food waste

26 Oct 2021

Some food ends up in the shopping trolley, others in the trash. Worldwide, 2.5 billion tonnes of surplus food are sorted out and thrown away every year, many of them before they even reach the refrigerated shelf or the fruit counter. The Berlin-based start-up SPRK.global wants to eliminate food waste along the entire supply chain. In this way, global resources can be protected in the future, supply and demand of surplus goods can be brought together and enormous amounts of CO2 emissions can be saved through more efficient transport routes.

In order to get tons of food from A to B or C, the start-up uses an innovative, technology-driven distribution platform and relies on artificial intelligence. To do this, the start-up needs trustworthy and complete product data, e.g. from the agricultural industry as a supplier of fruit and vegetables. This works particularly well via central data interfaces ("APIs"). Far too much valuable time would otherwise be wasted (perishable food is involved) if SPRK.global worked manually with all trading partners.

To learn how SPRK.global and atrify overcame this challenge, read the full success story.




Eleni Stavridou

Eleni Stavridou

Eleni has been an integral part of atrify's Digital Business team since 2020 - however, due to the departmental rotation during her training, she also has a direct line to all other teams. As a Digital Business Specialist, she is not afraid of new technologies, can quickly get to grips with existing processes and, as a digital native, relentlessly ensures that the coefficient of static friction in the minds of her colleagues is kept as low as possible.
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