Manafeth & atrify: First data pool in the GCC countries and Middle East

20 Jul 2022

atrify and Manafeth Consulting & Training, based in Jordan, join forces to establish a data pool within the trading communities of the countries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, and Jordan. New regions are being opened up for the first time as part of the freshly concluded partnership and the provision of the product info solution.

Manafeth Consulting & Training and atrify get a new region ready for GDSN

atrify has business partners all over the world. The new cooperation will leverage existing and established structures to offer a product information solution and related services based on atrify's GDSN-certified technology. These will enable end-users in different countries to manage and synchronize their product information. The goal is to ensure easy access to the GDSN standard in the future with Manafeth's support in the region. In this way, the use of the GDSN platform should enable high data quality and easy data management. Moreover, the atrify Global Data Model technology helps to set up a data pool in the countries with the support of the new partner Manafeth easily.

"I am very pleased that Manafeth has decided to build a data pool with atrify. Manafeth will be our sales partner in the region and help us build a strong GDSN community. With competent local contacts, using GDSN and sharing data will be easier and more effective for all our customers."
(Jochen Moll, CEO | atrify)

This new partnership is not only beneficial for those directly involved, but has advantages for all participants of the GDSN.

"I see a great need for a GDSN data pool in our region and am very excited about the new partnership with atrify. Apart from that, I believe that the GDSN data pool will be a cornerstone for enterprises and regulators in developing a digital transformation strategy to address future challenges while capitalizing on opportunities, in addition to ensuring rapid responsiveness in different circumstances."
(Shadi Gammoh, CEO | Manafeth Consulting & Training)

About Manafeth Consulting & Training
Manafeth Consulting & Training was founded in 2012 with the goal of helping start-ups and small and medium enterprises realize their visions, overcome business challenges, improve competitive advantages, build capacity and develop new market opportunities. Manafeth also conducts socio-economic projects that help communities improve their quality of life. Manafeth has helped more than 300 companies start, develop and expand their businesses in the local market and globally. In addition, Manafeth has established and developed partnerships with international organizations, governmental and parastatal sectors, and business associations to design and implement projects to improve and increase the competitiveness of various industries, such as GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation), USAID, spark, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

We at atrify are constantly looking for interesting partners with whom we can jointly develop digital applications around GDSN data and further advance the use of the GDSN standard. If you are also interested in an atrify partnership or certification of your solution, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Team atrify

Team atrify

Team atrify is all of us at atrify. We understand the problems manufacturers face in data management. Data optimization and internal system integration are our core competencies. We advise and implement the requirements for both commercial and regulatory use of the data in a system.

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