Fewer pollutants, more drive.

28 Jan 2020

The free public transport pass for every atrifyer. Starting February 2020!

All aboard! Starting February 2020, every employee will be able to travel free of charge with the atrify "Job Ticket". As a modern employer, atrify focuses on free and sustainable employee mobility. It doesn't matter whether short distance or long distance transport: all atrifyers are given the opportunity to rely on a practical and environmentally friendly alternative. This means less congestion, stress and emissions.

Especially during rush hour, the pollution levels in the metropolises are enormous. This places an equal burden on the environment and employees. Add to that the traffic noise, hectic and delays when everything is back on Cologne's roads and bridges. That is why we would like to make an active contribution and take responsibility with the free "Job Ticket". So people and nature can breathe a sigh of relief through sustainable mobility.

Team atrify

Team atrify

Team atrify is all of us at atrify. We understand the problems manufacturers face in data management. Data optimization and internal system integration are our core competencies. We advise and implement the requirements for both commercial and regulatory use of the data in a system.

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