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28 Apr 2020

Finally ClimatePartner: atrify is climate neutral!

We have recently become climate neutral. And that's a good thing! Mankind only has one earth and atrify is keen to help slow down climate change. Climate protection reduces the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO₂ and limits the anthropogenic greenhouse effect. The starting point for any climate protection activities is the prior inventory of the level of CO₂ emissions caused. These emissions can be caused by companies, products, activities and services in a direct or indirect way. This cumulative value is called CO₂ balance, greenhouse gas balance, CO₂ footprint or narrowly. Carbon footprint. In the long term, we would like to use concepts that have already been introduced, such as the JobRad, the free issue of job tickets, etc., to change our employees' behaviour and raise their awareness of environmental policy goals on the one hand, and to further reduce or even avoid our CO₂ emissions through more energy-efficient solutions on the other. Emissions that cannot be avoided can be offset by investing in internationally recognised climate protection projects.
climate protection projects. And this is precisely the path we have taken with ClimatePartner.

Our CO₂ footprint

Our CO₂ footprint was systematically assessed by ClimatePartner using a wide range of emissions indicators, such as energy consumption, travel activities and travel routes of our employees. The analysis and annual update of our footprint enables us to implement and monitor measures to further avoid and reduce CO₂.Our CO₂ emissions are offset again through a climate protection project. Climate protection projects save CO₂ - for example through reforestation measures or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies. All ClimatePartner projects are certified according to the highest international standards and independent third parties verify that the measures are implemented on site.

CO2 offsetting easy to understand

Through the ClimatePartner process with order-related ID number, the climate neutrality is transparent and openly traceable: At www.climat you will find our certificate of climate neutrality from atrify with information on how much CO₂ was offset by the company and which climate protection project atrify supports. This ClimatePartner process, certified by TÜV Austria, stands for security and credibility in climate protection.

By offsetting our corporate emissions, we are committing ourselves to climate protection and underlining our commitment to sustainability. The label "climate neutral" and our certificate with ID number guarantee transparency.

Our projects with ClimatePartner

REDD+, Brazil (2022)

In 2022, we combine international climate protection with regional commitment in one project. The project protects over 97,000 hectares of forest in Pará at the mouth of the Brazilian Amazon and avoids commercial deforestation there. For the local families, it creates alternative sources of income, e.g. through trade in the açaí fruit. Colombia's largest REDD+ project protects 1,150,200 hectares of rainforest and preserves its biodiversity. It provides education, health care, nutrition and other social services for 16,000 indigenous people. At the same time, a combination project combines guaranteed emissions offsetting through a certified climate protection project with regional commitment. Because climate change is also noticeable in Europe: forest fires destroy large areas and pests spread particularly quickly in the weakened forests. Tree species such as spruce suffer from drought and heat because their shallow roots do not reach deeper layers of soil containing water. For this reason, afforestation and the conversion of forests to mixed forests are supported. The tree plantations are carried out in cooperation with organisations that draw on years of in-depth expertise.

Ecomapuá, Brazil (2021)

In 2021, we will support a climate protection project in Pará / Brazil with the climate neutrality of our company. climate protection project in Pará / Brazil. Here, the Ecomapuá project protects a forest area of over 86,000 hectares and prohibits the commercial logging of the rainforest. In particular, the berry and superfood açai, which is not only popular in Brazil, is cultivated in this piece of forest and provides an alternative source of income for about 400 local families. The project supports one of the poorest regions in the northeast of Brazil and is therefore certified with the Verified Carbon Standard as well as the Social Carbon Standard.

April Salumei, Papua New Guinea (2020)

With the climate neutrality of our company, we support a climate protection project in the primeval forest of April Salumei, Papua New Guinea. Since time immemorial, the people there have lived in harmony with nature. Until the government released their territory for industrial use and deforestation. Their livelihoods were about to be destroyed. The indigenous population groups joined forces and fought for their forest. Today they protect an area of 600,000 hectares of untouched rainforest, including countless species of birds, exotic animals and plants. In this way, they are preserving an important CO2 reservoir. The project brings further benefits for the local population: today, the children go to school, learn to read, and have prospects for the future. Adults find work in small businesses. Anyone who is ill can be treated in a health centre in the next village. All this is new and only possible thanks to the funding from the climate protection project.

Team atrify

Team atrify

Team atrify is all of us at atrify. We understand the problems manufacturers face in data management. Data optimization and internal system integration are our core competencies. We advise and implement the requirements for both commercial and regulatory use of the data in a system.

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