We record your product data.

Complete. Error-free. Efficient.

A smooth exchange of high-quality product information is a basic prerequisite for successful cooperation between trade and industry. As an experienced partner for professional product data management, we are familiar with the current legal requirements and the specifications of your trading partners. Gladly we take over the complete process for you.

Send us your product content. We will take care of everything else.

From the initial master data entry and maintenance to the final data release to your trading partners - we continuously bring your product data up to date and in line with the current framework conditions.

For you and your team this means:


Enormous security,


considerably less work and


You save costs and valuable time to focus effectively on your core business.

From the initial master data entry and maintenance to the final data release to your trading partners - we continuously bring your product data up to date and in line with the current framework conditions.

For you and your team this means:

  • Enormous security,
  • considerably less work and
  • You save costs and valuable time to focus effectively on your core business.

As an atrify customer ,a personal contact person will beavailable to support and adviseyou on all aspects of data capture .


atrify capture service: It couldn't be easier!

1. your data
You provide us with your product information (table, article passport, packaging, artwork, label or similar). Should anything be missing for the Data exchange according to the GDSN specifications missing, we will inform you immediately.

2. atrify registration service
We then create all the required master data for you.

3. atrify data pool
Our data entry service takes care of the maintenance of your data into our data pool and we assign your data to our standardised fields.

4. publication to retail and online platforms
After your acceptance, we publish the product data via our atrify data pool. In this way, your master data is available to all business partners in assured quality.

Tina Krämer

Tina Krämer

Senior Manager Team Services

The best service for your product content!

With the atrify acquisition service, your trade partners are always supplied with the latest product information - securely, on time and in premium quality. Just get in touch with us. My team will be happy to answer all your questions.

Premium quality product data:
Our standard. Your security.

Only when all requirements and specifications have been met and you are satisfied with your data records will we publish your product data and make it available to the trade. This way, you can be sure that your published master data is continuously correct, both technically and in terms of content:

We ensure that all details comply with the current data standards.

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We check whether your master data meets the legal requirements.

We take into account the specific requirements of your trading partners.

Data acquisition on demand, atrify

Flexible solutions for challenging times

Are you struggling with staff shortages or are you expecting an increased volume of business in the foreseeable future? Then, at the latest, the question arises as to who in your company has the necessary know-how and to whom you can entrust this essential task of master data collection in the short term.

Whatever stages you and your team have to master at the moment - with us, your product data will reach the trade without interruption and on a direct route. We are happy to support you so that your company remains competitive even in difficult times.

You are not yet with us? Then use our web chat. Our colleagues will be happy to answer all your questions.


In which databases does atrify publish my article data and product information?

Your data is recorded in the atrify data pool. The following retailer portals are connected to this: Edeka and Metro Portal. In addition, your item data can be maintained in the central item master (ZAS) of Markant and many other portals and data pools. 

What standard is atrify's capture service based on?

We use the retailer portals of Edeka and Metro as well as the ZAS of Markant for the data collection for the atrify data pool. They are based on the so-called GDSN data exchange standard from GS1. The basis for this is the respective current collection guide from GS1 Germany and the applicable GDSN compendia from atrify.

What information does atrify need for data collection?

Which database attributes are required for each product group cannot be defined exactly in advance - because the variety of attributes is enormous. Nevertheless, a framework can be set here. This is why you will find a fact sheet below with basic information that the atrify data pool and the connected retailer portals (GDSN Standard) as well as Markant's ZAS need as a minimum requirement. This is essentially classic article master data.

I have provided my data to atrify. What happens now?

Once you have submitted the data sources in full to atrify, you will receive an order confirmation from us with an associated order number. We need between 5 and 10 working days for data entry. If a very large number of items need to be entered, the processing time may vary slightly. However, we will discuss this with you in advance so that you can plan safely. 

During the entire process, we inform you about every single step. Once we have recorded all the data, we send you article passports in the form of PDFs. This way you have everything under control. As soon as you give us the go-ahead, we release the articles in the data pool, they are now public for the trade. The order is now complete. 

After publication, the trade can access your data. Unfortunately, we have no influence on how long it takes from data processing to successful publication.

I have received an error report from a trading partner. What happens now?

Not only do we continuously check the data quality of your item data - your trading partners also take a close look at the recorded data. If you receive an error report from a trading partner, please send it to your atrify contact person or to the following email address: daten@atrify.com.

atrify checks the information in the error report and then gets back to you. If the errors are attributable to our data entry service, they will be processed free of charge for you. If (new) trade-specific requirements are placed on your data or if data records are affected that were recorded prior to the conclusion of a recording service contract with atrify, these will be corrected at the known conditions. This also applies if incorrect information was previously passed on to atrify. Depending on the type of error, the correction will be regarded as a change, as the recording of declaratory mandatory information or carried out depending on the effort involved.

What happens with system changes of atrify or the dealer portals (minor & major releases)?

atrify will determine for you whether and to what extent your data is affected by a changeover at all. If your data needs to be adapted, your personal contact person will contact you and talk to you about a possible adaptation of your contract. We do our utmost to ensure that the implementation is quick and cost-effective and that your cost and time budget is burdened as little as possible. 

What else do I have to take care of?

Nothing - except your daily business. We take care of all the data entry for you. Because with our data capture service, we want to offer you a service that takes all actions in this area off your hands. You should not be burdened by the digital provision of data, nor by new legal requirements. atrify takes over all operational steps for you, informs you about possible system changes and accompanies your data from A to Z. You continue to take care of the communication with your business partners. 

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