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atrify's integrated and flexible cloud solution enables GS1 organizations and communities to offer their suppliers and recipients a holistic GDSN solution with many additional services!

atrify suite

GS1 Member Organizations and Global Standards are atrify’s DNA

atrify is a 100% subsidiary of 1WorldSync. After many years of shared history as a subsidiary of the GS1 Germany atrify has been known for decades as a trusted GDSN technology and consulting partner to many GS1 member organizations. We are constantly working on solutions that address the diverse business needs of different trading partners, regions, languages and industries.

Scalable, flexible and secure cloud technology platform for GS1 communities and organizations

ISO 27001 compliant processes guarantee the security of your item master data. Our scalable cloud technology enables uncomplicated growth of users, GTINs and other digital content. Innovative functions such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning or external validation mechanisms enable excellent data quality and an outstanding user experience (UX) via atrify.


atrify supports the full range of attributes of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and is GDSN certified since 2005. Due to the flexible structure of our implemented data model, atrify is able to react quickly to adaptations, and therefore all standard enhancements in Major- or Minor-Releases can be handled easily. This also applies to the Global Data Model (GDM) which is currently being standardized.

EUDAMED, FDA, NHS & other healthcare solutions

In addition to the GDSN standard, the atrify suite also supports the compliance standards of medical device manufacturers to enable the regististration of medical device manufacturer’s products with official registries, including the FDA GUDID in the US, the European database EUDAMED (European Database on Medical Devices), and other upcoming Country UDI’s such as China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the UK system. atrify incorporates the UDI requirements and industry-related processes for new industries into their core product.

Data Quality

Data quality is a top priority for atrify. We pursue the "Do It Right First Time" (DRIFT) approach. In this context, users of the data pool should be able to validate their data directly upon entry in the UI, for example, via online validations as per GDSN Standard and beyond. We also use AI functionalities such as predictive analytics that helps data providers to maintain the data in an easy and error-free way.

Community Specific Configurations

Thanks to the high flexibility and scalability of the platform, atrify is able to accommodate community-specific configurations based on particular target markets, industries, languages, as well as enabling retailer specific requirements. atrify strives to create true business driven value for all stakeholders, so that the platform is used not only on behalf of the recipients, but also for the data providers' own interest.

Together with the member organizations and other communities, we implement the different needs of their individual communities in the system. This allows us to continuously increase the acceptance of their users in close consultation with the Member Organization.

Product Listing Sheets in Excel-Format

Are Excel files still a widely used method of providing data to recipients in your target market? Are you also struggling with the fact that retailers prefer to receive individual item sheets rather than their data via GDSN?

atrify offers an easy-to-use functionality in the user interface that allows the creation of Excel files in vendor-specific formats and layouts. This feature - called the atrify New Line Form-Editor - allows suppliers to exchange data from a trusted source with non-GDSN recipients in a simple format.

Influence on Product Roadmap

We would be very happy to discuss our product roadmap with you in regular meetings to ensure, for example, our understanding of your requirements concerning new functionalities and UI enhancements and so that we can adapt our priorities accordingly. Besides we offer the “We Listen” session to draw on your wealth of experience. The main goal is to meet the business needs of the Member Organisation’s communities.

Further advantages


Safety & Security as a guiding principle thanks to ISO 27001

Managed solution and consulting by trained experts

Single Sign On (SSO) in connection with existing systems

Seamless back-end integration with PIM and ERP systems

API's for different areas of application e.g. for a DAM interface or validations

Integrated Digital Asset Management with focus on e-commerce

Flexible commercial models ("Pay-As-You-Grow" or "Pay-As-You-Use)

"With atrify as a technology partner, GS1 Austria was able to establish a very successful master data service for the Austrian community".

Mag. Manfred Piller

Head of GS1 Standards, Authorized Officer, GS1 Austria

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