Apprenticeship at atrify - what does that look like?

25 Oct 2022

On September 1, 2022, five new colleagues started their apprenticeship at atrify. We have already briefly announced our new apprentices on our LinkedIn page - today we would also like to introduce them to you personally. We are also interested in what makes an apprenticeship at atrify so valuable and what the prospects are for new employees. And who could tell us more about this than Corinna Schüller, head of apprenticeship at atrify since 2016:

Rene Spanier, atrify

Corinna has been part of the HR team at atrify since 2014. Together with her team, she enjoys working every day to bring suitable talents on board. Of course, she also supports her colleagues internally in all matters as a competent contact person. As atrify's apprenticeship manager, a strong training concept is also particularly close to her heart. In this way, she ensures that the next generation of atrify employees is offered a varied and practical training with good prospects for the future.

Dear Corinna, you have been in charge of coordinating our apprenticeships at atrify since 2016. What do you enjoy most about supervising the new talents?

Supervising our trainees is a project that is absolutely close to my heart. It's great fun to observe the development of the trainees over the years and to actively accompany them. With our training concept, we have created what I consider to be a high-quality and versatile program that enables young adults to lay the foundation for their careers. We also have close cooperation within the team of trainers. Everyone is motivated to give our trainees the best possible support and does a super job.

What makes training at atrify so special?

There are many reasons that speak for an apprenticeship at atrify. Important factors are certainly the excellent future prospects - we never train more than we need -, the sponsored stays abroad and the above-average training pay plus bonus.

Even more important, in my opinion, is that we at atrify really believe in the concept of dual training. The willingness to support the topic is very high across the entire company. Our apprentices are integrated as full team members from day one. They get to see first-hand how our business works, the challenges we face and how we are positioning ourselves for the future. We don't think much of theoretical learning; our focus is always clearly on practical relevance.

Now that I'm interested in an apprenticeship at atrify, can you tell me what apprenticeships are offered at the moment?

Sure, we train in the following professions:

  • IT specialist for application development
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • Management assistant for office management
  • Media designer digital & print
  • and from 2023 also for the first time: personnel service consultant

And now, clear the stage for the new atrify trainees - we're so glad you're here!

I'm Tiago, 18 years old, from Cologne and I started my apprenticeship as an office management assistant at atrify on 01/09/22. The reason was mainly the Great Start certification*, which convinced me very much and the collaboration in an international team.

I'm Moritz, 20 years old, and I'm training to become an IT specialist for application development. I really wanted to start my apprenticeship at atrify because the overall package, consisting of activities, benefits and salary, appealed to me.

I am Schymon, 21 years old and come from the south of Cologne. I like to ride my bike, take analog pictures and play board games and poker. I started my apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development at atrify.
During my studies I decided that there was not enough practical input for me and therefore I decided to start atrify. I never knew such a working atmosphere and the cohesion between the employees before and I really like it! I noticed that immediately in the job interview and knew right after that: I want to work here!

I am Kerim, 18 years old and started my apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration on 01.09.22. I chose atrify because I did a one-year internship before and I liked it here very much, so I also wanted to do my apprenticeship here.

I am Emre, 20 years old and I started my apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration at atrify. The benefits had initially led me to apply to atrify, but after the first meeting I was sure that I would definitely like to start my apprenticeship here, as there is a very pleasant and agile working atmosphere. In addition, I found it very interesting that multilingual colleagues work here and that I can therefore also expand my language skills.

Well, curious now?

If you're interested in an apprenticeship at atrify, check out our careers page or LinkedIn - we regularly post our current vacancies here.

* The "Great Start!" Award is a unique procedure developed by the company Great Place To Work, which compares and evaluates the corporate presentation of the company's training concept with the true implementation.

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Team atrify

Team atrify

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