Global Medical Device Registration Made Easy:

A Guide for Manufactures

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    A comprehensive approach to achieving global UDI Compliance

    Manual approaches to UDI compliance can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to compliance issues and potentially costly consequences. A comprehensive UDI solution can provide medical device manufacturers with the tools and resources they need to achieve and maintain global UDI compliance.

    The benefits of a comprehensive UDI solution are numerous, including

    • improved compliance
    • enhanced data management
    • better supply chain management and finally a safe and
    • valid registration of all medical devices
    atrify UDI Solution

    Global Medical Device Registration
    – Let us show you how!

    This eBook covers the following topics:

    • UDI System Implementation and Global Requirements
    • UDI Registration: Why It Matters
    • A Comprehensive Approach to Achieving Global UDI Compliance
    • Checklist for Global UDI Registration Strategy
    • Streamlining UDI Data Management with the atrify UDI Solution


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