Are you ready for the new labeling regulation?

Compliant electronic wine and wine-based beverages labeling with f-label's QR-Codes
Easy, safe and valid!

Are you ready for the new wine label regulation?

Compliant electronic wine and wine-based beverages labeling with f-label's QR-Codes
Easy, safe and valid!
December 2023: New food regulation comes into force

Declaration of ingredients becomes mandatory

December 2023: New regulation enters into force

Content declarations are becoming mandatory for wines and wine-based beverages.

Starting December 2023, all wines and wine-based beverages intended for sale and consumption within the EU, regardless of their origin, must comply with the new  EU's revised labeling regulation (CAP reform) by displaying information on ingredients, nutritional values, allergens and energy content.

This means that you, as the manufacturer, must make the ingredients, nutrition table and list of ingredients for each wine and wine-based beverage available to the consumer throughout the EU in the respective national language. However, the list of ingredients and the nutrition table can be made available electronically - quite simply with f-label.

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Your solution for electronic labeling

f-label follows the concept of electronic labeling - an application based on QR-Codes to indicate ingredients, the nutritional value table and the list of ingredientsfor wine and aromatized wine-based beverages. With the QR-Code the consumer can directly  access all this information from a smartphone european-wideand in therespective  national language.

✔ Audited translations

With f-label you have direct access to professionally checked translations.

✔ Secure and stable QR-Code technology

No downtime and thus guaranteed accessibility of the target pages behind the QR-Codes using bot technology.

✔ All regulations up-to-date
Continuous testing of requirements and further development of the software.

All required attributes, from regulatories as well as basic industry requirements, are already standard in f-label. 

✔ Flexible system integration
Flexible integration into your existing IT infrastructure to all leading ERP systems, to EuvinoPRO and to GS1 GDSN®, the world's largest network for product information.
✔ White-label solution (branding)
Customized design of the target pages behind the QR-Codes in line with your brand design.
Björn Föhmer

Björn Föhmer

Key Account Manager

Electronic wine label: Start now!

Are you looking to efficiently and promptly address wine labeling in your company? I would be delighted to give you a comprehensive presentation of the application and its benefits and demonstrate possible ways to integrate it into your systems. Just go ahead and select a suitable date in my calendar.

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Expert knowledge for your business

The market already offers several solutions for electronic wine labeling, however, accurate translations and seamless integration into an existing system can often be a challenge. This poses a significant risk of providing consumers with incorrect information.

Together with our partner Euvino we have developed f-label, a solution that enables you to meet all the requirements of your industry as well as legal regulations in a perfect way.

Frequently asked questions about the new labeling regulation

When does the new regulation for wines and aromatized wine-based beverages come into force?
From December 8, 2023, all wines and aromatized wine-based beverages across the EU must comply with the new requirement and make ingredients and nutrition tables accessible.
Are there any features that still need to be printed on the label?
Yes, allergens and energy content must always be recognizable, i.e. printed directly on the label.
When should I prepare for the new regulation?
The challenges are serious and for this reason also very time-consuming. Companies should therefore address the issue immediately. Our experts will be delighted to advise you.
As a manufacturer, can I link to my own website to provide the requested information to the consumers?

Wine producers cannot link directly to their own websites or apps to provide label information that complies with EU regulations. This is because company websites and apps often contain sales and marketing content and track user interaction, which is against EU regulations. A secure platform that is free of sales and marketing content and does not involve user tracking is required to host electronic labels.

Which departments are affected by the new regulation?
The effects are spread throughout the company. In addition to bottle design and production, the IT department and purchasing are also significantly affected by the changes.
What does CAP stand for?

CAP stands for Common Agricultural Policy. This Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a system of European Union (EU) policies aimed at supporting and regulating agriculture within the EU. Its main objectives are to ensure a stable food supply, maintain a fair income for farmers, preserve rural landscapes, and promote sustainable agriculture. CAP also ensures that prices for agricultural products are fair to both producers and consumers. To achieve these goals, CAP provides direct financial assistance to farmers, regulates the production and trade of agricultural products, and provides funding for rural development programs.

You can find out more about the CAP's work on the European Commission's website.

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