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First-class product images contribute significantly to the success of a product. Benefit from the impact of meaningful images - manage, find and share your digital media (digital assets) seamlessly via our all-in-one solution.

Mockup Digital Assets on different Devices

Digital Asset Management - find the right solution in just 2 minutes!

Editing a product photo in the image editing programme

Image commitment 2023

As of February 2023, the provision of at least one product image will be mandatory for the German GDSN target market. An article record without an image can then no longer be published to your trading partners.

We have compiled all the relevant information on image obligation for you in our guide "The golden rules for optimal product illustrations". summarized for you.

Essential benefits of digital asset management

Do you already use the following for the publication of your product information atrify publishing? Then book our Digital asset management as an add-on add-on.

Seamlessly manage, search and publish assets

Manage your digital assets in one central location and benefit from internal and external provisioning.

Connection of digital assets with existing product content in our solutions

Do you need to share your digital assets?


Centrally host digital assets along with your product content and share them with trading partners


Receivers receive your data via GDSN or real-time API


Make your images available in the desired quality and size with just one upload


Globally consistent digital asset retrieval performance

Do you want ro receive content?


Receive product information with corresponding links to photos and other digital content


Change the size of the digital assets as you require

You have concluded an individual contract with a contact person?

Coming soon: Digital Asset Validation

The image is too big, too small. The format is not correct. The file cannot be used on all portals.

This is the kind of feedback we often get from retailers. But we are putting an end to the tedious reworking - because very soon there will be the automatic atrify digital asset validation:


Do the illustrations meet the requirements of your trading partners?


Is the resolution of the illustrations correct?


Is the file format correct?

Also, when uploading, your trading partners receive positive feedback that your image material has been checked and is ready for use. So you are always on the safe side with atrify.

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