atrify’s Collaboration with GridAgent Proving Successful

19 Okt 2020

We are pleased to announce that ever since GridAgent joined atrify’s Partner Program in 2019, our combined strengths have been enabling a growing number of Japanese customers to comply accurately and efficiently with global requirements in the healthcare industry. Both companies provide best-in-class technologies and services for the Japanese market within the regulatory framework of a constantly evolving environment of product content exchange, particularly in healthcare industry solutions.

This symbiotic fusion between two leading players in product content exchange has greatly enhanced product content exchange between manufacturers and trading partners. As enterprises struggle to keep up with ever-changing global requirements, our latest collaboration in the Asia Pacific enables market participants to successfully navigate the existing regulatory framework. Thanks to our strategic partnership, customers can more efficiently comply with international healthcare regulations, for example, the mandatory registration of all medical devices in Unique Device Identification (UDI) databases, such as the GUDID in the US or EUDAMED in Europe.

As international trade continues to grow, the use of The Global Data Synchronization Network is spreading across Asia, as can be seen in its largest import nation. China’s Customs Initiative now invites all GDSN members to synchronize product data for their custom’s declaration.

Japanese business leaders are tackling future challenges in the region by working closely with GridAgent and atrify to create customized solutions. Our customers are witnesses to what happens when the right teams join forces to streamline data content exchange. Through close alignment and reciprocal support, our mutually beneficial alliance has increased business and provided excellent services to Japan– a true win-win situation for our customers and business partners alike. GridAgent’s President Hirobumi Iitsuka adds, “We are convinced that our business model enables sustainable growth even in the COVID-19 crisis. I think atrify’s global services and our local service will have a big impact on the Japanese market.”

Dr. Martin Gliesche, Vice President of Corporate Business Development at atrify, reiterated in a positive statement predicting the future, “We are confident that our joint business will keep growing for the continuing benefit of a discerning Japanese community.” After a successful launch, GridAgent and atrify can proudly confirm that our customers are reaping the rewards of combining global solutions and services for product syndication with local language and market expertise.


About GridAgent
Gridagent will help customers in the Asia Pacific region enhance their corporate value and lead their business to success, by providing cutting-edge products and services provided by various global leading companies to customers. It is a company that plays a role as an (AGENT) that connects solutions with customers (GRID). The three solutions we currently offer are STRATEGIC SOURCING, which is effective in all types of business, SUPPLY CHAIN throughout distribution, and GDSN-compliant global product information management.

Team atrify

Team atrify

Team atrify sind wir alle bei atrify. Wir verstehen, mit welchen Problemen Hersteller im Datenmanagement konfrontiert sind. Datenoptimierungen und interne System-Integrationen sind unsere Kernkompetenz. Dabei beraten und setzen wir die Anforderungen sowohl für die kommerzielle, als auch regulatorische Nutzung der Daten in einem System um.

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