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ReleaseTestumgebungProduktionRelease NotesScope
HTC 23.02 Hotfix
10.03.202310.03.2023EUDAMED Access Point Issue

  • Workaround with special nodeID in EUDAMED XML Header

  • Enhanced Token Manager to maintain special nodeID per SRN

HTC 23.0201.02.202302.02.2023Release Notes 23.02

  • Market Info PUT Service

  • Minor Bugfixes

HTC 22.1206.12.202206.12.2022

  • PRODUCTION: Urgent EUDAMED v2.0.6 Update

  • Increased Excel Upload Device Limitation

HTC 22.1116.11.2022NA

  • EUDAMED v2.0.6 Update

  • Various Bugfixes

  • Document Update: atrify2EUDAMED Data Model v1.14.0

  • Document Update: Excel Template v1.14.0

HTC 22.0805.09.202205.09.2022

  • EUDAMED v2.0.4 Update

  • Hitlist: API: The possibility to send an UDI-DI that does not overwrite the existing packages

  • Hitlist: Search for legacy devices updated to regulation

  • Various Bugfixes

  • Document Update: atrify2EUDAMED Data Model v1.13.0

  • Document Update: Excel Template v1.13.0

HTC 22.0607.07.202207.07.2022

  • Hitlist: Textview for Response XML

  • Hitlist: New Filter for SRN

  • Support for multiple errors in EUDAMED responses

  • Multiple UDI Registration on same Basic using bulk

  • Zap Security Scan Auto Ticketing

  • Bugfix: GET Registration request causes error + missing message history

  • Document: UDI Manager User Manual Update

  • Document: API Documentation Update

HTC 22.0402.05.202202.05.2022

  • Delete Process API/UI

  • Resubmission Process

  • New Report Section

  • Register same UDI-DI for different legislations

  • UX: For Basic-UDIs show amount of related UDIs

  • Production Update EUD v. 2.0.2

HTC 22.0221.02.2022Pending Eudamed Production v. 2.0.2 update

  • Hit list - CSV download

  • Hit list - Bulk send and registration status request

  • Hit list - Optimization styling e.g. Show Version for Devices

  • Response message warning support

  • New Italian language support

  • Corporate design configuration support

  • Message history for Basic-UDI´s

HTC 21.1213.12.2021Pending Eudamed Production v. 2.0.2 update

  • EUD 2.0.2 Support

  • EUD Device Registry Status API

  • UX Fine Tuning

HTC 21.1116.11.202116.11.2021

  • Production Instance Launch

  • EUD 2.0 Support

  • UX: Legacy Forms Refactoring

  • UX: Hybrid Support to Link m2m Devices in the UDI Manager

  • UX: Token Management

  • New Download Area

HTC 21.1014.10.202114.10.2021

  • EUD 1.5.1 Support

  • Update Patch Support

  • UX Fine Tuning (esp. Excel and Forms)

ReleaseTestumgebung / DemoProduktionScope
atrify UDI Solution v. MC-1DEMO: 20.03.2023n/aNew atrify UDI Solution

  • M2M API Import via atrify XML

  • Eudamed & FDA GUDID Connectors

  • UDI Manager Hitlist&Editor

  • UDI Manager Message History

  • Excel Up-/Download

  • User and Company Management

  • Localisation EN-DE-IT-JP

  • Download Center: Relevant Documents


14.07.202213.08.2022Healthcare DACH Release 22.08
Release Notes 22.08 (14.06.2022)